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Transition back to the workplace with our range of glass products

Tuesday 25th January, 2022

A new year brings change. Covid regulations in England are soon to be relaxed, and people will no longer be asked to work from home. Employers and staff may be feeling an understandable sense of unease about returning to the workplace. Tufwell Glass has a range of glass products that can help the transition back to the office.

Glass doors

From the moment employees and customers approach the workplace, you will want them to feel that it is a safe environment. Throughout the pandemic, safe has become synonymous with hygienic. Glass doors, as with all our glass products, are easy to clean. They come as solid glass panels with no contours in which dirt or bacteria can gather. The transparency of glass doors allows people to see who is on the other side, enabling them to keep a safe distance from each other.

Glass screens

For those working in reception and welcome areas, glass screens can offer a safe yet unobtrusive protective barrier. Our glass screens are made from toughened glass – a type of safety glass. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and can endure greater impact. Tufwell Glass has provided toughened glass screens to healthcare and other settings throughout the pandemic, supporting the work of frontline staff.

Glass partitions

The legacy of social distancing may mean that employers need to reconfigure office spaces to accommodate concerns about proximity working. Glass partitions can be installed between workstations so that staff feel safe in their own space whilst still being able communicate with colleagues. Glass partitions allow for floor space to be maximised, with free-standing glass partitions able to be moved according to requirement and changing business needs. As with all glass products, our glass partitions are effective transmitters of natural light, which is vital to the wellbeing and productivity of workers.

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