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The benefits of glass interior design

Saturday 26th March, 2022

The popularity of glass in interior home design has never been greater. From elegant glass staircases to frameless glass shower screens, glass is the must-have look. So why is glass so impactful in the home?


One of the main reasons why glass is preferred in interior design is that it creates the illusion of space. Glass doors can help make the most of natural light by opening up a room and making it feel larger. Made-to-measure toughened glass shower screens can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear spacious by removing visual barriers.


Another desirable quality of glass in interior design is its lack of obstruction. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels and glass walls create flow between the interior and exterior, allowing the outside world to permeate a room. Whilst sliding glass doors facilitate seamless access to outdoor areas, meaning that interior design elements can be carried into outdoor spaces and vice versa.


Glass products are inherently stylish. Glass staircases add elegance and modernity to the architectural aesthetics of a home. The versatility of glass allows for an array of designs and finishes, for example in glass balustrades. From clear or frosted glass to coloured or patterned glass, the end result is a unique glass product suited to taste and preference and perfectly tailored to the home.

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