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World Health Day: Glass and the NHS

Saturday 23rd April, 2022

This month marks World Health Day, an opportunity to focus on health and wellbeing. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Tufwell Glass has proudly supplied glass screens to the NHS. Glass screens are a must-have for hospitals and other healthcare settings, here’s why.


Hygiene is paramount in healthcare environments. Traditional hospital curtains and blinds can harbour germs that are detrimental to patient recovery and wellbeing. By contrast, glass screens are easy to clean and maintain. Any visible dirt can be spotted quickly and removed effortlessly. Unseen germs are as readily tackled – glass screens come as solid glass panels with no folds or creases in which bacteria can reside. Glass screens can also be repeatedly cleaned without a decline in their quality or appearance.


Patient privacy is another vital component of healthcare. Glass screens using liquid crystal glass, or smart glass, can be switched between clear and opaque settings, thereby allowing patient privacy. Where there’s risk of contagion, switchable privacy glass can facilitate close observation with minimal disturbance, whilst mitigating risk to hospital staff.

Glass partitions can also be used as a smart way to maximise space in busy healthcare settings. With moveable glass screens areas can be altered quickly to improve or prevent access as the situation requires.


Glass is an inherently stylish material, creating a sense of modernity which can enhance a clinical space. Glass screens can be manufactured to client specifications, in shape through CNC glass-cutting technology, in finish using different glass types such as frosted or tinted glass, or in design through the addition of colour, pattern, text or logos to the glass screen.

Glass screens are ideally suited for healthcare settings and Tufwell Glass is ideally placed to meet your glass screen requirements. Contact us today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk

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