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People in glass houses should…try Tufwell’s glass products

Tuesday 24th November, 2020

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or so the proverb goes. This saying creates the impression that glass is a fragile material. At Tufwell Glass we know it is anything but. Here are our top three types of glass that would give that proverbial stone a run for its money!

Toughened glass

If you look around your home or workplace the chances are you will come across toughened glass. From glass doors and windows to glass partitions and glass splashbacks, toughened glass is one of the most durable glass products on the market.

As the name implies, toughened glass is stronger than ordinary glass – up to five times stronger in fact. Toughened glass is extremely hard to break. It can endure sudden changes in temperature and greater impact than annealed glass.

Toughened glass is versatile. Prior to the tempering process - that which changes the physical properties of ordinary glass to become toughened glass – it can be cut to any size. In finishing, toughened glass can be transparent or coloured, frosted, painted or printed. It is the versatility and durability of toughened glass that makes it a popular and cost-effective choice for the home or office.

Laminated Glass

Another strong yet adaptable glass product is laminated glass. Laminated glass is typically found in shop windows, skylights, glass doors and glass shower screens.

The glass used in laminated glass has the same strength and properties of standard annealed glass. Its strength comes instead from the plastic interlayer (polyvinyl butyral or PVB) that holds the two pieces of glass together. The PVB layer allows laminated glass to withstand impact and resist penetration.

Laminated glass is thicker than other types of glass, making it effective at heat insulation and sound reduction. As with toughened glass, laminated glass can be customised in design with the possibility of colour added to the PVB interlayer according to client specification.

Fire Glass

Arguably the most heroic of glass types is fire glass. Fire-rated glass partitions will slow down the spread of fire whilst fire glass doors will confine a fire to the room it originated in. The most basic fire glass prevents flames and hot gases from penetrating through to the unexposed side, with the highest regulation fire glass providing 120 minutes of both integrity and insulation.

Next time you need a strong and versatile product for your home of office, think glass and give Tufwell Glass a call on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk

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