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Make the season bright – glass products for your home and workplace

Friday 18th December, 2020

This time of year is synonymous with light. From Diwali in November to Christmas lights adorning high streets and homes from December. And yet, with shorter days and gloomier skies, homes and workplaces can often seem dark through the winter months. That’s where Tufwell Glass can help.

When light meets a glass surface some of the light is reflected. Exposure to natural light has been linked to improvements in wellbeing. Also, the lighter a room the greater the feeling of spaciousness. So, the use of glass in a residential or commercial space can both lighten that space and lift your mood - win/win. Here are two glass products that will invite more light into your lives.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles can be used as an alternative to glass splashbacks and are typically found in commercial and residential kitchens and bathrooms. Glass is increasingly favoured in modern design, not only for aesthetics – glass is inherently stylish - but for functionality. Glass tiles are:

Easy to clean. Splashes and dirt wipe easily from glass tiles. And, because glass is not an organic material, mould and mildew do not readily grow on it.

Impervious to water. Glass has a 0% absorbency rate compared to a rate of 3% for ceramic tiles. Durability is a key advantage of glass tiles.

Environmentally friendly. Glass tiles are often made of recycled materials or are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. In manufacturing, glass tiles consume around half the energy required to produce ceramic tiles.

Heat resistant. Perfect for the kitchen, glass tiles will not crack, change shape or change colour with heat. Glass splashbacks are a great alternative too.

Cost-effective. If you want to change the look of your room in future, with glass tiles you will not need to undergo a complete remodel. Simply replace some of the glass tiles with those of a different colour to create a whole new look at minimal cost.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks are ideal for any area where the passage of light is the primary requirement. Glass blocks are a stylish alternative to glass panes and increase light into dark spaces. Glass walls can be used as a freestanding feature, adding a touch of class to the décor. Glass blocks can be used to create:

Private meeting spaces in modern, open plan offices. As with glass partitions, glass blocks can make a workspace more versatile. Glass block walls have the added advantage of dampening sound due to their depth.

Shower screens. Glass block shower screens, like glass splashbacks, increase natural light to darker areas. This is particularly useful in often windowless en-suite bathrooms.

Feature walls. A standout feature in any room, glass blocks can be used to create straight and even curved glass walls. A popular application is the use of glass blocks for breakfast bars, with the possibility of using coloured glass to add even greater flair.

Cost-savings. Glass blocks transmit light and reduce heat loss, both important during winter months. This can reduce your energy needs and save you money.

So make the season bright and contact Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk. We wish all our clients – past, present and future – a joyful Christmas and New Year.

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