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From frosty mornings to frosted glass

Tuesday 26th January, 2021

If someone were to mention frosted glass in late January, many of us would think of cold mornings and ice-covered windscreens. At Tufwell Glass we prefer the kind of frosted glass that can enhance a home or commercial space.

Manufactured frosted glass is a type of obscure glass - glass which distorts or obscures the items on the other side. Obscure glass can offer a slight distortion, reveal only shapes or silhouettes or completely hide the items behind it.

Frosted glass is a popular choice of glass product because it blurs objects and people into vague shapes and blended colours, thereby providing a sense of privacy whilst continuing to transmit natural light. Frosted glass is a stylish and versatile product. Here are some of our favourite uses for frosted glass.

Frosted glass partitions

Frosted glass partitions are ideal for use in commercial spaces. In open plan offices they can delineate individual workspaces, offering a degree of privacy and reduced distraction which aid with focus. As frosted glass transmits natural light, frosted glass partitions can help create a bright working environment which can foster wellbeing and productivity.

Frosted glass doors

Frosted glass doors can improve any space. One of our preferred uses is within medical settings. The privacy afforded by frosted glass makes frosted glass doors ideal for surgeries, clinics or hospital. Frosted glass requires little maintenance, meaning that frosted glass doors are is easy to clean - the textured surface eliminates the chance of streaking. Frosted glass is also cost-effective. The frosted appearance is created by sandblasting the surface of standard sheet glass which creates a durable product, perfect for use in glass doors.

Frosted glass windows

Most popular in bathrooms, frosted glass windows offer privacy and increased security. Frosted glass is hard to penetrate and can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing an extra layer of protection for your home or workplace. Frosted glass windows are energy efficient, reducing the sun’s glare in summer and keeping out the cold in winter, helping to keep the indoor temperature consistent. Frosted glass windows negate the need for curtains and blinds, another cost saving.

Don’t let frosty mornings put you off frosted glass. Contact Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk to find out more about our frosted glass range.

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