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Friday 23rd April, 2021

April marks the anniversary of both the birth and death of the world’s most famous and arguably greatest playwright, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was a master of his craft and this month we turn our focus to mastery in our own trade – glass cutting using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology.

Glass continues to be a unique commodity in today’s material market. More glass is being manufactured than ever before and glass is now one of the foremost materials in modern architecture. The increase in demand for glass has been matched by more exacting specifications. Customers want glass products provided to exact dimensions and often in unusual shapes.

Glass cutting poses several challenges. If done incorrectly the glass can chip or even shatter – a costly mistake for glass manufacturers. At Tufwell Glass, we use CNC technology to create exemplary glass products for our clients. Our CNC computer converts glass designs into numbers which then govern the position of the cutter on our specialist machine. The result is glass cut to any size or shape. CNC technology has created new avenues for glass production. Using our CNC machine, we can produce glass products that are more…

Precise - our digital glass processing is capable of tolerances of +/- 0.25. Our CNC glass-cutting machines can also shape edges or drill holes without causing damage to the surrounding material. If its accuracy you require, then CNC technology is the obvious glass-cutting choice.

Efficient - CNC technology simplifies the process on the factory floor saving production time and money. The dimensions of the required glass product are mapped out in a Computer Assisted Design programme (CAD) prior to the glass manufacturing process. Upon receiving the CAD file, the CNC machine operator then uploads it and the glass cutting process begins.

Innovative - with CNC technology there is almost no limit to glass product design. At Tufwell we can accommodate any shape and internal or external glass application required (subject to glass specification), in sizes up to 3,500 x 1,500mm and thicknesses up to 19mm. This scope allows our clients to use glass in increasingly creative ways, resulting in bespoke glass designs and uniquely finished glass products.

Whether you need made-to-measure glass furniture for your home or curved glass partitions for your office, contact Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk and find out more about our cutting-edge glass cutting services.

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