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Going for gold – our glass products stars

Friday 23rd July, 2021

The summer of sport continues this month with the start of the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics showcase the best in sporting talent from across the globe. Taking inspiration from this, we celebrate three of Tufwell’s winning glass products which can add a touch of class to any residential or commercial space.

Toughened glass

If you like your glass strong like Olympic weightlifters, then look no further than toughened glass. Five times as strong as ordinary glass and able to withstand greater impact, toughened glass is an extremely popular and cost-effective glass product choice.

Toughened glass is often used in glass partitions, glass balustrades and glass doors in the home and workplace. It is an ideal product for use in kitchen glass splashbacks, as toughened glass can endure sudden changes of temperature.

Mirror glass

If the elegance of gymnastics is more to your taste, mirror glass may be the product for you. Mirror glass can provide a stunning centre piece in a studio or gym and offer a stylish yet functional finish to hairdressers and beauty salons. Mirror glass can also be used to reflect light and create the illusion of space in smaller areas such as hallways or bathrooms.

Tufwell’s mirror glass products can be supplied with polished edges or clean cut and can be drilled for screw fixing or bonded in place using mirror glass adhesive.

Smart glass

If tactical sports like fencing appeal most, then smart glass might be right up your street. Smart glass allows for the control of light transmission to change the appearance of glass from transparent to translucent and vice versa.

Smart glass partitions can maximise the space of a modern office, transforming it from open and shared to private and insular at the flick of a switch. Smart glass doors, windows and partitions can enable homes to become more energy efficient by helping to manage glare in summer and increase the transmission of natural light in winter. Smart glass is increasingly used in hotel bathrooms or spa environments where square footage may be limited, and privacy is paramount.

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