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Transform your building conversion with glass balustrades

Friday 27th August, 2021

Across the country there are a multitude of disused buildings, many of which had former commercial, residential or community uses. Often these disused buildings are in prime locations where new builds would not be permitted, some situated in central urban areas and others in idyllic rural settings. These abandoned buildings offer conversion opportunities for developers with imagination. Tufwell’s glass products can help transform dilapidated buildings into modern and unique commercial or residential spaces.

When converting a building it is important to retain its existing characteristics and individual features. This is where glass provides great design versatility, as it is the perfect accompaniment to other materials. Glass balustrades are an example of a glass product ideally suited for building conversion.


Glass balustrades support staircases and balconies, fulfilling an important safety function; but they also offer much in the way of design. Glass balustrades can be used inside or out, and can be frameless or use wood, metal or stone for the risers, handrails or banisters. The frameless glass balustrade is particularly popular in interior design and modern architecture.

Glass balustrades can be standalone or form part of building’s structure. In finish, glass balustrades can use transparent glass, tinted glass, patterned glass or any other glass type required to achieve the chosen design aesthetic.


Aside from their versatility, a benefit of glass balustrades is that they allow for the transmission of natural light and can be used to create a spacious feel whatever the size of the space.

Glass balustrades are made to last. They use either toughened glass or laminated glass, and it is this durability that makes them a cost effective part of a building conversion budget.

Glass balustrades can be cut to size using CNC technology, which again helps with cost management – mitigating expensive mistakes and ensuring that installation by glass experts is time efficient.

Glass balustrades from Tufwell Glass bring elegance and style to any type of building conversion. To find out more, contact Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk

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